Service Agreement



This document serves as a user agreement ("the contract") between Homie BV (hereinafter called "Homie" or "service provider"), a registered in the Netherlands company with Commercial Registration 66,592,429 addressed at Julianalaan 67a, 2628 BC Delft, Netherlands, and [firstname] [lastname] (hereinafter called "the user"), born on [dateofbirth], residing at [address], [postcode] [town], The Netherlands and who can be reached at [phone]. The following is agreed between the service provider and user:

1. Offered service

Homie offers the user the use of a Zanussi [washer / dryer] that records the wash behaviour through a built-in tracker, and whereby the user pays for each individual usage (the price per usage can differ by programme, see "Costs"). Homie installs and maintains the [washer / dryer] free of charge during the contract [washer / dryer] is and remains owned by Homie during and after the contract period.

2. Promise of Commitment

The service offered by Homie is still in a test phase, so there may be small problems with the machine, registration of the usage and / or payment procedures. The user and the service provider are aware of this and will help each other as effectively as possible.

Homie promises during the contract period:

  • 2.1 To provide a well-functioning [washer / dryer];
  • 2.2 To repair any problems with the [washer / dryer] within a reasonable time frame;
  • 2.3 To fix any problems with tracking of the [washer / dryer] usage and/or payment procedure
  • 2.4 Homie cannot be held liable for any damages directly or indirectly caused by the [washer / dryer].

The user promises during the contract period:

  • 2.5 To take good care of the [washer / dryer];
  • 2.6 To pay for the usage within a reasonable period of time (by the end of the month);
  • 2.7 To make sure the [washer / dryer] stays successfully connected with the internet, so Homie can keep tracking the machine usage. In case the [washer / dryer] is offline for more than 1 month, Homie may charge the user an additional offline fee of €25/month;
  • 2.8 To timely inform Homie of any problems with the machine, tracking of the usage or with the payment system;
  • 2.9 To support Homie in fixing any of the aforementioned issues or problems;
  • 2.10 Not to make, or let someone else make, adjustments or reparations to the [washer / dryer];
  • 2.11 The user will provide access to the [washer / dryer] at the request of Homie, so that Homie can inspect its condition and/or perform any repairs or updates.
  • 2.12 In the event of theft, the user will immediately report this to the police and then immediately provide Homie with a copy of the police report. The customer is responsible for the replacement value of the Homie [washer / dryer].
  • 2.13 The user will protect the device against external causes (such as water or fire damage). The customer is liable for any costs that Homie must incur to repair or replace the Homie [washer / dryer] in case of any such damages caused.
  • 2.14 The user will not to sell, dispose of, rent, pledge, or give the Homie [washer / dryer] to others for management or use without written permission from Homie, nor will the user dispose of the appliance in any way or use it in conflict with the interests of Homie.
  • 2.15 The user will inform Homie of the new address and/or location prior to moving the [washer / dryer];
  • 2.16 The user is prepared to answer any questionnaires from Homie during the first 6 months in order to measure the user's experiences and feedback;
  • 2.17 The user allows its usage data, after being anonymized, to be used by Homie for research purposes.

3. Pricing

  • 3.1 Homie provides the user with free installation and if necessary, free repair and/or replacement of the machine, unless the damage was caused by careless or improper use of the machine by the customer;
  • 3.2 a. The price paid by the user varies based on the dryness level per drying cycle; dryness level 1 costs €1.69 incl. VAT; dryness level 2 costs €1.89 incl. VAT; dryness level 3 costs €2.09 incl. VAT; dryness level 4 costs €2.29 incl. VAT; the refresh programme costs €1.49 incl. VAT; the Time programme is €2.09 incl VAT or less depending on the time; ECO-programmes are €0.10 cheaper.
  • 3.2 b. The price paid by the user varies based on the washing temperature: a cold wash (includingthe rinse programme) costs € 0.75 incl. VAT; a 30C wash costs € 1.00 incl. VAT; a 40C washcosts € 1.50 incl. VAT; 60C wash costs € 2.00 incl. VAT; and a 90C wash costs € 2.50 incl. VAT.ECO-washes are € 0.25 cheaper, and the use of the drain and spin programmes is free of charge.
  • 3.3 The pricing above is guaranteed for a minimum period of six months from the start date; afterwards any price changes first need to be communicated to the customer at least one month earlier. If the user does not agree with the new prices, the contract will be terminated.
  • 3.4 In return for the in article 2 mentioned support, first-time users will receive all their usage for free during the first month after installation.

4. Contract duration

  • 4.1 This contract starting date is [start_date];
  • 4.2 The contract has a minimum duration of 6 months, starting from the day of delivery. Should the user want to cancel the contract earlier, a €75 early-termination fee will be charged by Homie;
  • 4.3 After the initial 6 months, the contract becomes rolling, with one month's notice for both service provider (Homie) as well as the user.
  • 4.4 Any remaining customer credit will be returned to the account of the user within 14 days after the end of the contract. In case of any unpaid usage, the user will pay back these costs within 14 days after receiving the final invoice.
  • 4.5 After termination of the contract the user will ensure that Homie can schedule a pick-up of the machine within two weeks, so it can be reused again. If the machine can only be picked at a later date Homie will charge the customer a €50/month late return charge to the user.