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Rent a washing machine


Our Story

Circular Economy and the Internet of Things are two areas that have been steadily gaining momentum in research, business and politics in the recent years. The potential of these concepts lies with delivering sustainability benefits across product life cycles, from raw material extraction through to the end-of-life phase of products.


Utilising the interconnectedness of modern technologies and moving away from the classic ownership model to new, more sustainable business models lies at the very heart of what HOMIE does. HOMIE was founded as a spin-out from a Delft University of Technology by Dr Nancy Bocken, Hidde-Jan Lemstra and Colin Bom.


We focus on reducing the environmental impact of domestic appliances significantly and offering more affordable solutions to our customers, by moving from “ownership” to “Pay-Per-Use”, starting with washing machines.

Colin Bom

Colin Bom, CEO

Colin Bom, previously acting CEO of Slow Food UK, has a degree in International Business from the University of Maastricht. He has experience in setting up new organisations, particularly in a bootstrapping environment. Colin is responsible for the overall management and development of the company, as well as marketing and customer relations.

Nancy Bocken

Dr. Nancy Bocken

Nancy Bocken is Professor in Sustainable Business Management and Practice at Lund University IIIEE. She is also Associate Professor at the Delft University of Technology and Fellow of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Nancy is responsible for the academic foundation of Homie and guides further research and the strategic direction of future experimentation.

Hidde-Jan HJ Lemstra

Hidde-Jan Lemstra

Hidde-Jan Lemstra is a serial entrepreneur who has raised more than €10M for different early stage ventures, after a career in finance and M&A at Royal Dutch Shell and Prudential. He has deep affinity with technology transfer from research institutions and is currently advisor to the TU Delft technology transfer group.

Paul Dekker

Paul Dekker

Paul Dekker is an Amsterdam economist with a corporate as well as entrepreneurial background. He held executive and supervisory positions in various logistic services companies in Europe and Asia. Paul acts as an energizing advisor, cum sounding board to the management. Keen on developments in technology and the circular economy his main focus is on shaping / creating an Impact group of co-makers and partners around Homie.

Min Zhang

Min Zhang

Min Zhang is electronics engineer with a broad knowledge of R&D and more than seventeen years working experience focusing on hardware and software design for embedded systems. He has university degrees in Applied Physics and in Communication and Electronics Engineering. At HOMIE, Min focuses on the technical development and production of our own home appliances tracker.


Воris Наydаr

Воris Наydаr is an experienced and creative web developer with more than 15 years’ experience in designing and building different web-based platforms, based on a variety of coding languages and standards. At HOMIE, Воris is responsible for developing and managing the cloud-based platform, website, databases and Pay-Per-Use payment systems.