With Homie you only pay for your use, not for the machine.

Homie provides an affordable pay-per-use solution for washing machines and dryers. We provide insight into your usage and stimulate more energy-efficient washing. Homie wants to be your friend around the house and guarantees worry-free washing and drying.

There are several reasons why Homie is cheaper than renting, leasing or buying:

  • More than 50% of the washing machines exhibit defects within 5 years. The repair costs are often quite high.
  • 2nd hand machines are less expensive to purchase, but often break down quickly without any warranty, forcing you to buy another machine again.
  • Homie customers are more aware of their washing behaviour and will save on average around 25% in water and energy consumption. This is not just more sustainable and environmental-friendly, but also lowers their energy bills.

About Homie

Homie is a young organization offering an innovative Pay-Per-Use model for white goods appliances. Since 2016, we have been working hard to deliver good, sustainable washing machines and dryers (and soon also dishwashers) combined with strong customer service.

With Homie you only pay per use, whether you are using our washing machine, dryer or soon our dishwasher. We deliver your machine and connect it for you and we ensure that you always have a working machine at home.

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Our goal

Homie was founded with a clear goal: making the white goods sector more sustainable and prevent the waste of resources. Modern appliances often break down quickly and are being thrown away as soon as they do. Good, durable appliances are often very expensive and many households still use old, inefficient appliances. With our Pay-Per-Use model you never have to buy an appliance again, whilst we stimulate sustainable and efficient appliance use and encourage manufacturers to develop long-lasting appliances.

“You pay for an appliance that is only used 2% of the time. We want to change this.”


In 2016, Dr. Nancy Bocken, Hidde-Jan Lemstra and Colin Bom co-founded Homie to prove that a Pay-Per-Use concept could be beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer. We have developed a tracker with which we can provide insights in washing behavior. This way, our users know exactly which washing or drying cycles they have run.  A pilot with washing machines in the Rotterdam region proved that our customers were saving money and energy through our Pay-Per-Use model. With the help of our partners, we subsequently rolled out our Pay-Per-Use concept nationwide

It all started with a simple idea at the kitchen  table 


Homie consists of a small team with unique people with different qualities, knowledge and experience. What we all have in common: a passion for sustainability. And to share that passion with others. Do you want to know who we are? Then click on our photos.

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Maurice van Gaalen
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Dr. Nancy Bocken
Co-Founder and academic researcher
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Hidde-Jan Lemstra
Team image
Paul Dekker
Partnership Manager
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Min Zhang
Chief Engineer
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Colin Bom
Operations & Co-Founder
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Gwen van Wijk
Marketing & Communication


We cannot change the white goods industry by ourselves. That is why we are proud to have great partners who help us achieve our goal.

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