Spring begins. A few tips to start the spring fresh.

Yes! We are leaving the cold winter behind us. It is time to usher in the spring. This also means it is time for spring cleaning. Because a clean and tidy house ensures peace of mind. One specific place A place where the spring has a lot of influence is your closet. Here are a few simple tips for getting your wardrobe and clothes organized and fresh again the coming season.

Clean UP
Open your wardrobe and take a good look at all your clothes. Do you see things that you no longer fit or that you have not worn for more than a year? Give them away or recycle them!

Lock UP
It is time to hide the thick winter sweaters, ski socks and thermal clothing in a storage box. Hopefully we will not need them in the coming months.

Freshen UP
When you now look into your wardrobe, you only see beautiful fitting clothes that are suitable for the coming period. Things like lovely shorts and linen blouses. These clothes have probably been lying still on the slab for a while. Do they all still smell fresh enough?

Let the musty-smelling clothes hang outside in the fresh air or wash them on a short washing program. Another way to make your clothes or shoes smell fresh again is to put them in the freezer overnight. This kills all bacteria that cause the smelly odors.

Wash UP
Not only does your clothing deserve some extra love in the spring, but also your washing machine. Clean the soap dish thoroughly. Take a cloth over the washing machine. Polish both the inside and the outside of the washing machine door. Clean between and behind the rubbers and turn a 90 degree wash once. By turning a 90 degree wash every now and then, you kill all bacteria that remain in the machine.

Now you have a clean washing machine and clean clothes. Feels great right?! We are ready for wonderful weather. Enjoy some time outside to feel the sunshine, as research shows exposure to sun really makes people happy. Time to Cheer UP!