full drum washing

Washing, measuring and fitting.

How full should the washing machine's drum be? Normally we advise our customers to wash with a full drum. Because it is better to do a full wash once, than a half wash twice. You would think, that is logical, because running two washes costs twice the amount of water and energy. Yet the difference is even bigger than that. Washing with a half-full drum costs 35 to 50 percent more power than if the drum were full!

That is why the general Homie tip is: make sure that you do not wash until the washing bin is full and there is only a hand-width of empty space at the top.

There is, however, a small comment on this tip because it only applies to cotton washing. Fortunately, this washing program is by far the most used and therefore you often do not have to think about how full the machine should be.

When you switch to a different wash program such as a delicate wash, a dark wash, an anti-crease wash or a jeans wash, different rules apply to fullness.

To give a clear overview of the different washing programs and the ideal fullness of the drum, we have a Homie washing card! This card is of course applicable to our Zanussi washing machine, but it can also be helpful for other people with another (7 kg) washing machine. Nevertheless, we advise people with other washing machines to also look at the washing instructions in the manual of the washing machine in question.

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